Sunday, 3 June 2012

A very royal occasion

We watched the Diamond Jubilee Pageant this afternoon, which was quite interesting. We're not big fans of royalty, but enjoyed seeing all the boats. Towards the grand finale, the skies opened and drenched everybody. The footage below is from before the deluge.

This is from the Daily Telegraph (not my favourite source, but it was all I could find):

The Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant made its way 10 miles along the river from Battersea to Tower Bridge, where an “Avenue of Sail” – made up 98 vessels too large to join the pageant itself – was waiting.

Figures from the organisers showed that the total number of craft expected to be on the water for the historic occasion – including safety boats and those moored along the route – is 1,066.

Such was the fleet’s size, it took 75 minutes to pass.

The Brits are very good at organizing this kind of thing, even during a recession. It must have cost a fortune. The four-day celebration started yesterday at the Epsom Derby and will come to an close on Tuesday.


I think I had more than enough of all things relating to the queen in the past few weeks. On some days there was very little else on TV...