Saturday, 26 May 2018


Our friend Amy shared these newspaper headlines with me. Some of them really point out the obvious! I had a few laughs reading them, I hope you do too. Thanks Amy!!!!

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Canadian Musicians #1

We have some great Canadian musicians. I thought you might like to follow along as I remember some of my favourites.

Rita MacNeil was born on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia in 1944. The Canadian Encyclopedia describes her as a "soft-spoken, independent singer-songwriter in the folk, pop and country genres. Her passionate, resonant voice rang with both strength and fragility about overcoming adversity."

Many of her songs are about hard working people, their struggle to survive and their search for happiness.

Mike and I both love this song. We always play it when we are on a road trip.

Her family was large and very poor. Both parents were alcoholics and she suffered for years at the hands of an abusive uncle. Added to this, she underwent a number of surgeries to correct a cleft palate.

Rita became involved in the 'women's movement' in the early 70's and started writing songs as a way of expressing herself.  Her first album, Born a Woman, was a tribute to those fighting for women's rights across the country. As she worked to develop her singing career, her personal life was in turmoil. She suffered from depression and struggled with her weight. But she persevered and overcame a series of pretty significant obstacles to become one of the top selling country artists in Canada during the 80's and 90's.

Here she is with Anne Murray, singing Flying on Your Own.

Rita MacNeil died on April 16, 2013.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Pick and mix

Here's a selection of photos that are good for sharing: