Saturday, 29 September 2012


I love funny visuals with clever captions!

Friday, 28 September 2012

Sleuth is building a house - Part I

Here are the first photos of Sleuth's new house, with her own captions.

Hey Sleuth, we expect more pictures as the building progresses, so we can follow this interesting project step-by-step.

Staking out the excavation area on the original hill, which was covered
in scrub sumac, briars and other icky stuff.

Heavy equipment starts digging in.

First boulder dug up. We called it the gnome hole boulder. It has lots of nooks and
crannies in it as a result of pockets of oxidized pyrite.

It's starting to look like a hole. Lots and lots of shale. We'll be using that for
backfill and landscaping.

Another really great boulder pulled out of the hole. Lots of tiny fossils in it and sparkly stuff.

A view from above. Dan'l stands in the middle of what is the first floor.

The Amvic block arrives!

There's a cement truck in my living room! Pouring footers for the walls.

More cement. The trench is for a wing-shaped retaining wall.

Dan'l next to a pile of blue clay. There's enough clay to keep me busy making stuff forever.

Huge slabs of shale! Not sure what I'll do with these, but I'm pretty sure it will be spectacular.

Wall is going up. Yes, that's water. We hit a spring, but no worries, we have a plan!

Wee Christmas trees spared. Didn't even know these
two little guys were up there.

 Thank you, Sleuth.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Too much lovin'

Time for a Mrsgunka joke!

A young farm couple, Homer and Darlene, got married and just couldn't seem to get enough lovin'. In the morning, before Homer left the house for the fields, they made love. When Homer came back from the fields, they made love. And again at bedtime, they made love.

The problem was their nooner; it took Homer a half hour to travel home and another half hour to return to the fields and he just wasn't getting enough work done. Finally Homer asked the family doctor what to do.

"Homer," said the doctor, "Just take your rifle out to the field with you and when you're in the mood, fire off a shot into the air. That will be Darlene's signal to come out to you. Then you won't lose any field time."

They tried Doc's advice and it worked well for a while. Homer came back to the doctor's office.

"What's wrong?" asked the Doc. "Didn't my idea work?"

"Oh, it worked real good," said Homer. "Whenever I was in the mood, I fired off a shot like you said and Darlene would come runnin'. We'd find a secluded place, make love, and then she'd go back home again."

"Good, Homer. So what's the problem?" asked the Doc.

"I ain't seen her since huntin' season started."

Thank you for the laugh, Mrsgunka.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Testing a water bed

GrannyJ sent me this hilarious video. Thank you, GrannyJ. You're right, the last bit is the best!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Lucky guy

I hope this video plays properly. This was in the news in the UK today. Is this guy lucky or what?

A Russian truck driver has an amazing escape after crashing head-on into another lorry. He is thrown clear out of the front windscreen and walks away unhurt.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Getting into the surf

Shapeshifterbelly sent me these stunning pictures of waves in Hawaii.

Thank you, Shapeshifter.

I googled the photographer, Clark Little. Click on his name to visit his website, where there are many more great photos and lots of goodies.

Modern times

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Little architects

View_From_Here sent me these photos of horneros (Joao-de-barro in Brazil) building their nest. He dedicated  the series to Sleuth, who's keeping us posted on the building of her own nest!

Thank you, View.

I found a nice slideshow on youtube which contains further shots of their efforts.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Cool and funny pictures

I found some cool and some funny pictures on Facebook: