Friday, 2 March 2012

Tidy up your bedroom!

Peter found this encouraging story:

Like any typical teenager, Ryan Kitching resisted all his mother's attempts to get him to tidy his bedroom.

For two weeks, the 19-year-old turned a deaf ear to all her pleas for him to clear up the mess.

But when he finally gave in and started sifting through the junk, he found a lottery ticket from the February 8 draw. 

And instead of tossing it in the bin, he had it checked - and found it had five winning numbers and a bonus ball.

Suddenly, supermarket worker Ryan, of Penicuik, Midlothian, found himself £52,981 the richer and posted on his Facebook page: 'Special thanks to my mum for putting up with me haha!'

Now he plans to reward his long-suffering mother Susan and father Raymond by arranging for them to go on holiday.

The odds of getting Billy and Paul to keep their rooms tidy were more or less the same as winning the lottery!