Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Fragile children need some help.

An old friend sent me the following email. I'm sure you will remember her and will not hesitate to help.

Hi Regina!

I hope you remember me. I have been lurking on your new site, and I really like it. I am sending emails to all of my friends and contacts. We need your help.

The State of Illinois is trying to take away medical coverage for children with complex medical issues, like my Christopher. We have a waiver, and the program is limited to about 500 children at any one time. The State is broke, and they believe one of the ways to balance the budget is to cut off populations that they believe will not fight back.

We are asking for help, no matter your location, in fighting back. We have started a petition online and are asking that folks sign and then blog, tweet, facebook whatever to get more folks there. If you are resident of Illinois, we are asking that you also email, call or write your State Senators and Representatives. Our children's lives literally hang in the balance.

Little Christopher a few years ago

If I were forced to hospitalize or admit Christopher to a nursing home, not only would it cost about 8 times what this program does, he would most likely be dead in 3 to 6 months. He has no immune system. There are 500 children in the same situation.

I am posting a link to my blog. There is a widget at the top of the page to go sign the petition. I hope you can use your blog and/or contacts to help us out.

Keep up the great work on your blog! : ) Hugs!!!

Steph (DS Mama)

I signed the petition this morning, please help these children in Illinois. Head to Steph's site for that very important click...

Thank you.