Saturday, 23 September 2017

There's one more goodbye to be said

I have been trying to get news of our friend View for a few weeks. I sent emails that went unanswered, which worried me. After a lot of detective work, I found his friend Arturo on Facebook and sent him a message asking about View. Today he replied, unfortunately with sad news. Eduardo passed away on September 3. I can't simply close the blog without paying tribute to our gentle friend, Edward Whitcomb. I will forever remember his love of animals, his birds, his adopted family, all the lovely, interesting videos he forwarded from his YouTube account, with the handle of Edward Feliz. Yes, he was a happy man, fond of a good joke and excruciating puns. Goodbye, Ed, we'll miss you.

                         Ed Whitcomb - View_From_Here (March 18, 1937 - September 3, 2017)