Friday, 6 January 2017

Munich, here we go!

We're travelling to Paris right now and then we'll have an overnight journey to Munich, arriving there around 9:15 am. We decided to go by bus, as it's snowing a lot in Bavaria, we don't have winter tyres and can't afford them at the moment. Motorists who get caught driving without them get a fine and a point on their licence. The bus company is German and the buses look very cheerful.

We're returning on the 13th, arriving home late the next day, then on Monday we have to pick up my nephew from the airport. He's the one studying in Dublin, who was treated to a lovely meal and a Christmas party by our dear IrishGirl. His visa expires on the 17th, but he has an interview at end of February at a college he'll attend next September, so he'll be staying with us until March.

Busy days ahead, but what I really really really want is to give this little person loads of smooches!

I will blog when I can, yes? Be good, peeps!  ;-)