Friday, 2 December 2016

She's here!

Today at 9am (Central European Time) I became a grandmother! Emilia Rosalie weighs a healthy 3,06kg (6lb 12oz) and Sandra and Billy are incredibly proud, bursting with love. We had a video call about an hour after the birth and we noticed that the little bundle of joy is a chatterbox. They said she doesn't cry, just chats and complains when she wants a feed. Sandra needed a cesarean section because the baby was in a sitting position and wouldn't budge, despite attempts to turn her last week. We have a very determined granddaughter! Peter and I are totally in love with her already. I'm very emotional. Everytime I picture Billy with his own little baby girl, I well up. Billy has always, always loved babies, and he's a natural with children. Without further ado, before I flood the iPad with tears of happiness, here's the lovely family:

[I've been adding photos as they come...]