Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Post mortem

I try to avoid politics on this blog, but there's very little point in trying to ignore what is on everybody's minds.

Amy's comment about Trump knowing the election was rigged in his favour, making a fuss about voter fraud, not accepting results, not conceding, were all an act to preempt any challenges from Hillary, is spot on and exactly what I thought last night.

It was a long game with marked cards. Neoliberalism in fascist flavour is doing very well, thank you. Brexit gave the UK's extreme right the "mandate" to start removing all the safety nets in the benefits system. Their recent changes, which capped benefits below an acceptable level, the cuts to housing and disability benefits, will plunge millions into poverty and/or homelessness, including half a million children, just in time for Christmas. They're also going to freeze pensions and take away the seniors' winter fuel allowance. They don't even pretend they're all about compassionate capitalism anymore.

They're destroying the NHS so they have an excuse to privatise it. The insurance companies are salivating already. Other sectors in their sights are Education, Social Services, prisons and I forget what else. If it's worth anything, they'll sell it (and line their pockets in the process). 

Theresa May can't wait to repeal the Human Rights Act, removing all workers protections, getting rid of equal opportunities and all other protections that make the UK a civilised country. Cheap labour in a police state is her wet dream.

Once they're free from EU regulations, the UK will be a free for all for the corporations. Forget the Cayman Islands, Panama and all the others. Welcome to a posh tax haven!

The racism and xenophobia are just the icing on the cake. The UK is finished as a decent country.

I went on and on about the UK and Brexit because it was a sample of what you can expect over there.

The USA doesn't have human rights and other protections, but watch out for the end of Obamacare, social security, Medicaid, Medicare... Be prepared for more racism, more tensions, more black lives don't matter at all.

Nato already moved missiles to the borders with Russia. We're screwed within our countries and also abroad. Next year could see a shift to the extreme right in a number of European countries: France, Netherlands and Germany. That could signal the end of the EU, as Brexit behaviour spreads like a virus.

I'm deeply depressed.

It seems that the best we can do is to sow the seeds of our ideals in our children's minds and hope they'll will germinate, take root and spread when future generations see a relaxing in all this horrid stuff and have a chance to flourish once again.