Sunday, 30 October 2016

Halloween party

We had a lot of fun last night. I'm still feeling a tad delicate, even though I didn't drink all that much... 

These first two pictures were taken at home, just before we left for the party. 

    A menacing vampire

    A matronly, grumpy zombie

The party was at a great restaurant by lake Bournazel. I posted loads of pictures of the lake and surroundings before. 

We were given complimentary drinks on arrival, with the choice of red or blue:

I did my best to look menacing, but Peter went for the cheeky vampire look: 

I can smile!

Friends came in assorted costumes:

    Peter with Hilary 

    Moi with Steve

    Keith and Hilary 

    David and Steve 

    Geoff and Lisa

    Tim, Simone and Jocelyn 

    Brian and Darren

    Brian, Symon and Darren 


    The band

I took my wig off at some point and it proved very popular with everybody. 

These people are just a sample of the number of people who sported the wig: 

    Hilary with Lisa plus wig



That's all for now, folks! (Oh, and I lost the wig...)