Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Bad day chez Regina

I'm fuming today! We ordered a cooker online on August 30th. Estimated delivery September 9th. I received an email on the 7th to advise me that the cooker had been dispatched. So far, so good. Having spent three days as prisoners in our own home waiting for the delivery guy, we got precisely nothing.

Yesterday I contacted the sellers, asking for a proper time of delivery, because I have other things to do besides sitting here like an idiot for days on end. This morning an email arrived, with a telephone number and also a reference number, so I could take it up directly with the delivery people. I rang them and they gave me another number for my region, where they never heard my name, and informed me that my order number was wrong, it should start with "99" not "81."

Many phone calls later, to various customer services departments, I was none the wiser regarding the whereabouts of my cooker. While all this stuff was going on, we were busy washing floors and other general cleaning, getting ready for our son Paul's arrival with girlfriend next Saturday. Already in a charming mood, I then managed to tip a bucket of dirty water all over the kitchen floor. I left the room crying and left Peter to deal with spill.

After lunch I made another phone call to the merchants and insisted the guy should ring the delivery company himself, as they kept saying they didn't know anything about me or my order. He came back to say that of course they had dispatched my cooker and would ring me on my cell to arrange a firm date for the delivery.

Could you please light candles, send vibes, do some voo-doo or whatever, so that my cooker arrives before Friday (Peter has an appointment for an ultrasound on Friday) and that I don't go completely crazy? Please? Pretty please?

Or is it too late?