Friday, 24 June 2016

Britain steps back into the last century.

We went to bed feeling hopeful and woke up to the shocking news that Britons had chosen to leave the EU.

One of the idiots leading the Brexit campaign, a jingoistic, racist guy called Nigel Farage, who is married to a German woman (go figure), made a victory speech where he stated: "We won without a bullet being fired." 

How quickly he forgot Jo Cox, who was not only the victim of three bullets, but was also stabbed and kicked by someone who enthusiastically embraced the Brexit rhetoric. RIP, Jo.

They wanted to take their country back (where have I heard this before?). Yes, back to the days before the European Union, with all their "human rights nonsense," without laws that guarantee workers a fairer deal, no rules, no regulations... 

Aah... back to the good old days!


I'll explain what will happen to us when I find out...