Saturday, 9 April 2016

All aboard... let's fly!

These satellite photos were collected by Benjamin Grant in a study to illustrate the impact humans have on nature, seen from an unusual viewpoint. We're going to take a breathtaking tour around the world:

1. Valparaiso, Chile

2. Tulip fields, Netherlands

3. Melrose Park, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

 4. Complicated road system, just outside Madrid, Spain

5. Snails Pass, in the Andes, on the Chilean side of the border with Argentina

6. Blue evaporation ponds at a potash mine in Moab, Utah

7. Makati City, one of the 16 cities that constitute Manilla, capital of The Philippines 

8. Bourtange is a star shaped fort in the Netherlands 

9. The Grande Dixence dam in Switzerland is the highest gravity dam in the world, at 935 feet

10. Agricultural development in Austria

11. New data reveals that China burns 17% more coal each year

12. L'Eixample district of Valencia, in Spain

13. Victoria Falls, on the Zambezi river, between Zambia and Zimbabwe

14. The village of Espel in the Netherlands is home to 774 inhabitants

 15. Oil field service ships sit off the coast of Borneo

16. Nishinoshima is a volcanic island 940km south of Tokyo, Japan

17. We finish our tour in Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia