Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Real life is so different from what we see on YouTube...

The heating element in our oven went puff the other day, so I searched the internet to find out how to replace it. I found a video on YouTube where this lovely English guy changed the thing in less than five minutes... "Sooooo easy," we thought. Ordered the part from Amazon, it was very cheap, free delivery, yadda yadda. 

Today we decided we had five minutes to spare, so we embarked on the "very simple" task after lunch. It's 6pm and we're about to replace the cover. The YouTube chap was working on a brand new oven, all the screws came out in seconds, whereas ours took a mixture of brute force, a lot of WD-40, a rubber band and buckets of sweat.

The best I can do is post a picture of the view from our kitchen window, with its lovely autumn colours: