Sunday, 7 December 2014

Historical photographs

Mrsgunka sent us a very large collection of rare old photographs. There are too many for a single post, so I decided to divide them into categories and spread them over several posts. Thank you, MrsG.

Here are the photos in the category "First and Last."

The back of the Hoover Dam just before it was submerged and never seen again. [1936]

View from the top on the opening day of the Empire State Building. [1931]

The very first Rockefeller Christmas Tree is revealed to the public. [1931]

Traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge moments after it
opened seen from atop one of the arches. [1937]

Crowds flock to the first World Series Game in New York. [1912]

The first ever underground train journey. Edgware Road Station, London. [1862]

Norway receive their first ever shipment of bananas. [1905]

Three men run in the marathon at the first modern Olympic Games. [1896]

The last few prisoners of Alcatraz leave as the prison is shut down for good. [1963]

Race organisers attempt to stop Kathrine Switzer from competing in the Boston Marathon. She became the first woman to finish the race. [1967]

The last known photo of the Titanic above water. [1912]

The iceberg that is thought to have sunk the Titanic. Black and red paint is smeared
along the side. [1912]

The traffic jam at the Brandenburg Gate as East and West Germans cross freely
on the first Saturday after the fall of the Berlin Wall. [November, 1989]