Sunday, 18 May 2014

Lovely birds

A bird enthusiast in England recorded his success in attracting new visitors after making changes to his garden:

A selection of some of the 39 species of birds that visit my garden. I have gradually changed my urban back garden into a wildlife friendly area by adding water features, fruit and berry bushes, trees and letting the ivy cover the fence, trees and back of the house. I have introduced a rough grass area and encouraged wild flowers such as trefoil, knapweed, nettles & teasel to grow. By year round feeding and adding nest boxes I have recorded 39 different species of birds including predators, which I suppose is a sign of a well stocked wildlife garden.

I found the video charming and very relaxing. We enjoy watching the birds that come to feed on our kitchen windowsill and admire this guy for the lovely environment he created for his feathered friends.