Sunday, 13 April 2014

A very good explanation

Little Reggie was a terror and had not been invited to any birthday parties for a whole year. When a new family moved to town, he received an invitation to the little girl's birthday party.

Reggie's mom lectured him from the moment the invitation arrived until she dropped him at the party.

"It's your last chance, Reggie! If you disgrace yourself this time, we might as well move to another town. None of the other mothers speaks to me anymore! Are you listening to me? You HAVE to behave yourself today! Now you go in and be a good boy. Show everybody how much you have changed."

When she returned home, the phone was ringing. It was Reggie asking to be picked up. She saw red!

Reggie was waiting outside the house and his mom shouted for him to get in the car and not say a word. "You're in big trouble, young man!"

He attempted to say something, but she wouldn't hear it. "Don't talk to me, Reggie. Just wait until your father gets back from golf and you can talk to him! I've had enough!"

Reggie was sent straight to his room to wait for his father, who arrived hours later. His wife greeted him:

"You need to talk to Reggie! He misbehaved at a party again. He lasted five minutes this time! You deal with him and tell him we can't have this kind of thing anymore. Enough is enough! I don't know what to do with this boy!"

The father went upstairs and found Reggie dozing off, fully dressed, on top of the bedcover.

"Reggie, wake up. Your mother tells me your were very naughty again. What do you have to say for yourself?"

The little boy yawned, rubbed his eyes and said:

"The party is tomorrow, Dad."


HAPPY REAL BIRTHDAY, SPIKE! Your party was quite something last night, eh? I'm glad everybody had such a good time and hope you've enjoyed yourself. Have a great day!