Friday, 27 January 2012

Healing foods

Guest post by 1smartcanerican

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" ~ Hippocrates

This quote popped up so many times in my search for healing protocols for my sister once she was diagnosed with breast cancer... I had already been walking down this road for the last decade or so, but the journey became more critical with K's news and now I'm running to ensure that she gets cured with as little harm as possible to her body during this process.

I actually started looking into taking responsibility for my own health much longer ago when a friend and I took a multi-class course on herbs and their healing qualities through the local community college. It was interesting and I pretty much left it there. She, however, continued on in her studies and has since become a true healer, providing soothing relief to people transitioning at hospice centers in the area. She also jump-started my search for natural cancer cures by loaning me three books by Bill Henderson. There are lots of info to peruse at his website, if you wish.

I included this link because it is specific to Bill Henderson's information. However, below I've recommended googling other protocols because there are many sites relating to each item and you should choose the one that suits you personally.

After reading Bill Henderson's books, we decided to start with the Budwig Protocol, which is basically a mixture of organic, low fat (2% or less) cottage cheese thoroughly blended with flaxseed oil. Once this mixture is smooth and creamy with no oil showing, fruit, nuts, greens can be added to make either a yoghurt-style dish or as a base for a smoothie.

From the Gerson Therapy, we have added Hippocrates Special Soup, to be eaten twice a day and made fresh every two days. This is a wonderful, clean tasting soup that everyone in my home enjoys. It is taken prior to lunch and dinner, not in place of either meal. It is only vegetables cooked slowly in filtered water, no seasonings other than the vegetables. My husband takes a thermos each day for lunch.

Finally, we have eliminated all dairy, meat, fish, eggs, and (gluten) grains from our diet and turned to fresh fruits and vegetables and whole foods. We also are not eating "white foods" - white rice (although Arborio rice for risotto is okay), white potatoes (with a few exceptions here), white bread, white flour. I am using items made with ancient grains, ie: spelt, einkorn, faro, emmer as these are quite different from the grains we grow and consume today.

My husband has decided to join me on this journey now that he reviewed the results of his latest blood tests taken at my insistence. I was very concerned that his doctor had not contacted him regarding these results, but he called last week and asked that my husband schedule another set of tests within two weeks. Now my husband wants to follow my lead and get excellent results by the end of next week! I think he may be asking a bit much, but really glad that he got this scare as it was necessary to get his attention that his health is going downhill on his current nutritional plan.

I read "The China Study" by T. Colin Campbell et al many years ago and even with push back on the study by others, I find the underlying premise that diet makes the difference in our health too significant to ignore. His findings are mirrored by many other alternative medical practitioners. There are many names that appear consistently through the literature and documentaries on alternative therapies: Budwig, Gerson, Campbell, Dr. Esselstyn, Michael Pollan are just a few examples.

There are a number of great movies/documentaries that focus on nutritional as the difference between health and illness. I'd recommend these:

· Forks Over Knives
· The Engine 2 Kitchen Rescue (related to Forks Over Knives)
· Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead
· Food, Inc.
· Vegecation (this one will turn one off meat quickly!)
· King Corn

There are many more that will pop up when you look for these documentaries. Since I am an Amazon Prime member (free 2-day shipping on many items), I can stream many of these movies for free over my computer and over my TV using a wireless-ready TV or DVD player. It works well but is limited to the US only I believe.

I've read so many books and viewed so many documentaries, that it tends to get a bit jumbled in my mind, but another whole food, plant based guru recommends that "if it had a mommy and daddy and has a face", then one should not eat it.

I have lost quite a bit of weight over the last year while NOT sticking closely to this plan, but the weight is coming off again now that I am focusing on salads, green juices, fruit smoothies (no milk products, I use hemp milk as my milk of choice these days), Hippocrates soup, and any whole food with an emphasis on vegetables as fruits are high in natural sugars.

I mostly miss good cheddar cheese but I am allowing myself the occasional banned food to satisfy my food soul, thus placating myself. I refuse to feel guilty as I do get back on my plan immediately after.

There is so much to learn here but it is so much easier with the access we have to this information through the internet. I never could have done this research using just the library unless I planned to move into our library! I am thankful daily for the internet and the connections that it has created in my life, not only to change my health but more importantly, to have new friends to share my thoughts with. What a wonderful gift and how kind of Regina to open this "home" to us.

[Thank you, 1smartcanerican. ]